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Kalender Interclubs Schaakclubs. Mastering the Chess Openings Vol. Niet beschikbaar. Watson Gambit blz Engels Aan winkelwagen toevoegen.

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This is the third volume of a series which I originally intended to limit to two. Volume 1 examined the move 1 e4 and openings that derive from it. Volume 2 moved on to 1 d4 openings.

Mastering the French 3 dvd series Volume 12 by Susan Polgar

Predictably, many readers and players were disappointed at the lack of coverage of the move 1 c4, otherwise known as the English Opening. Given all these considerations, this new volume seemed a good idea. McDonald - SO. Jump to Page. Search inside document. For many chess-players, opening study is sheer hard work. It is difficult to know what is important and what is not, and when specific knowledge is vital, or when a more general understanding is sufficient.

  1. Mastering the Chess Openings vol. 3.
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  5. Tragically often, once the opening is over, a player won't know what plan to follow, or even understand why his pieces are on the squares on which they sit. John Watson seeks to help chess-players achieve a more holistic and insightful view of the openings. In his previous books on chess strategy, Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy and Chess Strategy in Action, he explained vital concepts that characterize modern chess.

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    Moreover, he did so in ways that have enabled these ideas to be understood by club players. Here he does likewise for the openings, proceeding from the fundamental ideas that apply to all openings to more advanced ideas that are essential for substantial improvement. In this major two-volume work, Watson explains not only the ideas and strategies behind specific openings, but also the interconnections of chess openings taken as a whole.

    By presenting the common threads that underlie opening play, Watson provides a permanent basis for playing openings of any type. Don't take the word of random players here, take a look at the reviews, especially for volume 4. Of course, you don't need the links, you can look up the reviews for yourself.

    Mastering the Chess Openings by John Watson. Palliser's book is a Black repertoire covering myriad unusual openings by White including 1. Nf3, 1.

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    Nc3, 1. Get this if a single volume reference is desired.

    John Watson: Mastering the Chess Openings - Vol. 3, 21,95 €

    Watson's is a four-volume series where Volume 3 is devoted primarily to 1. It also covers some additional move orders of the English Opening. There is no better road map to, and overview of the vast majority of the openings in general, specifically from the perspective of the generalized theory of opening play - i. You will not regret owning it. And of the openings it does deal with, there is no attempt to provide complete or comprehensive coverage.

    This series is more concerned with explicating ideas, themes and plans of the openings in general, and the analysis is impressive IMO for its depth and clarity. The author's point is not to cover the same ground that is detailed adequately and ad nauseum in the hundreds of other openings books which are concerned primarily with the 'theory' i. I have heard much about this openings series Now I am wondering where these types of books would lie on a "structured curriculum" of chess learning.

    For instance, in trying to figure out an appropriate pecking order of reading, in what order would you recommend reading books like FCO, Collins, or Watsons' series compared to books on pawn play, pawn structure, and strategy in general? Watson's book describes the basic plans and pawn structures of the various openings, FCO is mostly just a traditional opening book.

    John Watson: Mastering the Chess Openings - Vol. 3

    It's very well written, but not in the same category as Watson's book. I'm not very familiar with Sam Collins' book, but I'd definitely start with Watson. By the way, you can make an informed decision about the books by going to Amazon.